Meet the Authors

About Alina Vincent

Alina Vincent is a business strategist, speaker, and author. She’s also the creator of the Money Making Program Blueprint program and 5-Day Challenge Launch Formula, which are based on the very same strategies she used to grow her business from zero to over a million dollars in just four years.

Alina is passionate about helping entrepreneurs package and monetize their knowledge and expertise to create leveraged and scalable businesses. Experts hire her for strategic advice and simple step-by-step approach to creating successful online programs, engaged Facebook communities, and profitable 5-Day Challenges.

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About Ann Hession

Ann Hession is the creator of the Soulful Sales Code, a program for heart-centered, value-based solopreneurs, mompreneurs, coaches, and healers. Ann has a highly unusual combination of skills—as an intuitive coach and energy healer with over 30 years’ experience in transformational healing and a sales expert who’s sold millions of dollars of products and services, she’s uniquely qualified to help heart-based entrepreneurs transform their relationship to sales, so they can confidently and easily grow their business without ever feeling fake, pushy, or salesy. When’s she not helping heartcentered entrepreneurs transform their inner game and discover how “selling” can feel as aligned and powerful as their healing and coaching work, she’s most often found reveling in her flower garden in the summer, reading a good mystery in the hot tub in the winter, or traveling somewhere beautiful to continue her personal and professional growth, because learning and experiencing something new every day keeps your mind and heart young, vibrant, and alive to possibility! That’s something she learned from her mom and is grateful for every day. You can learn more about her here:

About Katja Rusanen

Katja Rusanen is a #1 best-selling author, spiritual mentor, success coach, and creator of the Client Attraction Story System, a step-bystep program for purpose-driven entrepreneurs to craft stories that sell. After working as a supervisor in one of the world’s leading business banks, she obtained two master’s degrees in Spiritual Psychology and Spiritual Science. She has now dedicated her life to helping clients discover the power of personal stories and create a business they love. Katja lives in gorgeous Marbella, Spain, and loves horseback riding, long walks on the beach, and watching the sunset. You can learn more about her here:

About Wendy Petties

Wendy Petties, The Happy Life Coach, helps women be financially free, so they can live their dream life. She teaches women how to take control and ownership of their lives by being exactly who they are, using the best parts of themselves, and removing obstacles in the way of their dreams. You can learn more about her here:

About Renae Gregoire

Content mentor and clarity expert Renae Gregoire is changing the world one outstanding leader at a time. The coaches, consultants, and experts she works with have big visions for transformational change—if only they could create that content! Her work typically involves a blend of strategy and wordsmithing, with a heavy focus on the content experience from the reader’s perspective. Renae is also the creator of the Blog Post Inspiration Deck, the Blog Your Brilliance online program, and the Content Coaching Club. She lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband and is the proud mom of three grown children. You can learn more about her here:

About Larissa Popov

Larissa Popov is a Divine Business Mentor and creator of the Own Your Brilliance program for heart-centered business owners. With a combined 35 years’ experience as a graduate school instructor, spiritual teacher, and former naturopathic doctor, Larissa merges a deep inner wisdom and intuition with clarity, logic, and a strategic business mind to take her clients from wondering if they can make it in business to record-breaking revenue! When she’s not facilitating inspirational workshops or supporting her clients, you can find her in a contemporary dance class, making music, or concocting a delicious new dish. Learn more about her here:

About Johanna McClain

Johanna McClain spent most of her career in advertising and marketing as a successful, trusted advisor, advertising agency owner, and business coach. The breadth of her experience and knowledge, driven by the undercurrent of yoga, brings clarity of purpose, guiding principles, and a solid foundation to Not Your Daughter’s Yoga®. You can learn more about her here:

About Ahulani McAdam

Ahulani McAdam, founder of Shining Our Light on Earth, is a master psychic energy healer, artist, and spiritual mentor. She has been in practice with clients, leading groups and workshops in NYC, Europe, and California for almost forty years. She is passionate about supporting the emergence of the Feminine on Earth and women’s empowerment. From suburban “good girl” to activist lawyer, adventurer, painter, and grandmother, her own life has been an embodiment of those goals. Ahulani is also the author of Conversations with Cancer: What Love Has to Do with It. She currently lives in Northern California and on Zoom! You can learn more about her here:

About Virginia Parsons

Virginia Parsons is founder of Media Spotlight Marketing and Executive Producer of the Inspirational Business Women Show (now in its sixth season) and Media Spotlight TV (her
newest endeavor). Virginia specializes in livestream, video and digital production, and video editing to help shine the spotlight on your business, so you can attract more clients in less time and get recognized as the market leader. To learn more about Virginia, visit

About Allison Samon

Allison Samon (FNLP, CHHC)—aka Health Allie—is a Functional Nutrition and Lifestyle Practitioner and Certified Holistic Health Coach who specializes in demystifying complex health issues like weight loss and chronic pain to achieve sustainable results. She is a
sought-after speaker and creator of several popular programs for women and men who are proactive and excited to take charge of their health. Allison believes that once people learn to recognize the signs their bodies are sending, they can get to the root cause, and avoid and even reverse disease, so they can live their best lives for themselves and their families. You can learn more about her here:

About Christina Solstad

Christina Solstad is the creator of Unlock Your Money Mojo, a spiritual program for entrepreneurs who want to create radical shifts in their relationship with money. After working for years as a scientist, including at Harvard Medical School, Christina brings a grounded approach to her spiritual work. Her clients range from brand-new business owners who want to make more money to wildly successful entrepreneurs who struggle to keep and grow their cash flow. Her client roster includes Fortune 5000 companies, brick-and-mortar businesses, entrepreneurs, coaches, healers, and more. When she’s not helping her clients create true abundance, you can find Christina taking a long stroll down the beach or planning her next adventure to Chaco Canyon, Africa, Egypt, Nepal, New Zealand, Australia … wherever her heart calls her. You can learn more about Christina here:

About Jan Luther

Jan Luther has been practicing heart centered healing and coaching for nearly 20 years. She’s worked with experts, authors, healers, and coaches around the world. One of only nine US Founding EFT Master Practitioners, she’s also the creator of The EGO Tamer® Tapping and Healing Your Grief programs. She is the author of Grief Is … Mourning Sickness and co-author of Mastering the Art of Success with Jack Canfield. You can learn more about her here:

About Emma Auriemma-McKay

Emma Auriemma-McKay is a licensed NCARB Architect, a certified NCIDQ Interior Designer, and a LEED certified professional. She began her 25-year career working for international firms and big-name clients, which gave her the opportunity to be involved in a wide variety of projects, from highrise commercial buildings to five-star luxury hotels such as the Mandalay Bay and Four Seasons in Las Vegas, the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Honolulu, and the Pan Pacific Convention Center in Vancouver. Her practice focuses on residential projects. From the experience of her own home remodels, she realized the importance of homeowners having a guide. In 2017, she launched Stress-Free Remodeling, wrote the number one bestselling book, The Homeowner’s Guide to Stress-Free Remodeling, and created the innovative online program, The Ultimate StressFree Remodeling Blueprint. She also hosts the Stress-Free Remodeling Podcast. You can learn more about her here:

About Monica M. Bijoux

Monica M. Bijoux is a best-selling author, podcast host, certified master coach, trainer, speaker, and the founder and CEO of DECIDE TO MOVE LLC. Monica’s impressive lineup of degrees and special trainings and certifications has allowed her to integrate her passion for helping entrepreneurs gain confidence and clarity and establish personal and professional boundaries. You can learn more about her here:

About Laurel Watson

Laurel Watson is the creator of the Equine Business Blueprint Program, the Equine Business Builder Program, and the Dressage Positively Programs. Her passion is helping women follow their passions, and her mission is to help 1,000,000 horses by supporting other equine business owners in finding financial freedom in their equine bodywork practices and equine businesses. You can learn more about her here:

About Jeanne Lyons

Jeanne Lyons is a best-selling author, international speaker, and coach. She has walked the path of a midlife career change and come out on the other side with a career with
meaning and purpose. She’s devoted to coaching you to do the same. To
learn more about Jeanne and her programs, go here:

About Antonia Van Becker and Greg Lee

Antonia Van Becker and Greg Lee are the founders of Self Health Institute, Inc. For 25 years, they’ve been using their signature CoreTalk therapy to guide conscious entrepreneurs and business owners toward successful completion of their goals and dreams by asking simple questions and getting life-changing answers. They love helping clients get past overwhelm, procrastination, self-doubt, and chronic health issues, so they can have the business and impact they so deeply desire. Together since 1979, their 40-year relationship imbues their healing practice with love, body/mind consciousness, and emotional/energetic balance and awareness.

Antonia and Greg live their dream in the wilds of West Marin, California, healing others, growing food, and writing songs to inspire others to envision and realize their dreams. You can learn more about them here:

About Alisa Clickenger

Twenty years ago, Alisa Clickenger had a dream in which she was running for her life. In the middle of a painful divorce in waking life, she found salvation in her dream state in the form of a motorcycle and sped away from imminent danger. Never having ridden a motorcycle before, Alisa awoke with the sensation of mastery over machine and wind in her hair, knowing she had to break out of her “safe” life and follow her dreams. In 2006, she quit her job as Director of Operations for an IT company and fully embraced her life’s mission of inspiring women to be more confident while empowering them to pursue lives they love. Alisa is the author of the bestselling book, Boost Your Confidence Through Motorcycling: A Woman’s Guide to Being Your Best Self On and Off the Bike, and offers private coaching to women on and off the bike. You can learn more about her, purchase her book, and/or join her VIP Learn to Ride program here:

About Susan Rolfe

Susan Rolfe is a functional movement specialist and certified Mind Body Studies Practitioner in the Feldenkrais Tradition. She has a passion for helping over-50 women live with more ease, confidence, and joy. She loves African dance, riding horses, and reading mythology. You can learn more about her here:

About Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, JD, PhD

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh, JD, PhD, is a powerful advocate for women unapologetically living life on their terms and doing the work they were meant to do in the world. She empowers women to take control of their life and career. As an executive coach and personal brand strategist, she serves as a catalyst for transformational growth and professional development. Leveraging an almost 30-year career in law and organizational and academic leadership, and training in applied and social psychology and human development, Carol utilizes a custom methodological approach to career coaching and career development to help her clients achieve greater confidence, clarity, and success. She is a TEDx speaker, two-time best-selling author, international keynote, and award-winning consultant who has been the “go to” coach for Grammy Award Winners, Paralympic Gold Medalists, Fortune 500 executives, and six- to seven-figure successful, driven professionals and entrepreneurs. You can learn more about her here: