Leverage Your Gifts and Time, Grow Your Business, Earn More Money, and Enjoy Entrepreneurial Freedom!

20 entrepreneurs reveal how they found freedom and success by creating online programs based on their unique experience and expertise.

Meet The Authors

Alina Vincent, Ann Hession, Katja Rusanen, Wendy Petties, Renae Gregoire, Larissa Popov, Johanna McClain, Ahulani McAdam, Virginia Parsons, Allison Samon, Christina Solstad, Jan Luther, Emma Auriemma-McKay, Monica M. Bijoux, Laurel Watson, Jeanne Lyons, Antonia Van Becker, Greg Lee, Alisa Clickenger, Susan Rolfe, Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

About Teach Your Expertise

If you’re an entrepreneur, it’s likely you went into business not only to be your own boss, but to also use your gifts, experience, and expertise to help others.

What if you could do so in a bigger way—and supercharge the entrepreneurial freedom that drives you? Guess what – you can!

Teach Your Expertise will show you what’s possible and how to get there fast.

In it, 20 entrepreneurs share their stories of creating online programs that fueled their freedom and success.

These amazing, dedicated, and passionate business owners come from a variety of industries and experiences, proving that no matter your background, you have everything you need RIGHT NOW to get started.

Each story in this book is unique, but all the stories share one thing in common: they’re full of inspiration AND practical, actionable advice to get started.